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We build games connected to innovative utilities and supported by the strongest tokenomics. Our successful multi-access platform, featuring Gaming, DeFi and Utility products gives you the opportunity to thrive in the Web3 ecosystem, based on your skills and interests.

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Our Games & Products

Acryptia is a strategic dungeon card game, in which players have to beat the card dealer, complete floors, climb the leaderboard, and collect exclusive NFTs. The game is playable both on desktop and mobile. Thanks to more than 150,000 matches played per Season, Acryptia is one of the most popular games in all Web3, securing collaborations with Alien Worlds and AtomicHub.

Combz is a resource management idle game that is integrated with AI, requiring players to maximize the potential of their cosmic hive and create resources efficiently.
The goal is to gather resources, craft and purchase NFTs, and climb the Season leaderboard.


Brigade is a play-to-earn game that you can start completely free. It is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the Taco Studios world. Players simply need to select a Venue to work at and carry out tasks to earn tokens, with the chance to receive NFT prizes.

Monster Rooms

Monster Rooms is a brand new mobile show-off game, in which players can customize their rooms with NFTs, invade other players’ environments, tease them with naughty pranks and collect in-game currency based on their assets & pranks to climb the leaderboard. The game is under development and will be anticipated by a PFP drop.

Taco Swap

Taco Swap is the community DEX which allows users to trade and earn in a safe and fun space. With Taco Swap, you can trade tokens with the lowest market fees, provide liquidity & earn tokens every day. Taco Swap’s goal is to bring DeFi to everyone.

Gaming Dashboard

All our games, NFTs, utilities, and products are part of an all-inclusive, free platform dedicated to our players. The Gaming Dashboard is your day-to-day best friend, helping you easily access any feature and keep track of all the updates in the Taco Studios world.

Utility App

The Taco Utility App is a great way to start earning our tokens for free with the homepage faucet. It also enables you to manage your wallet directly from your smartphone, track your NFTs’ growth, trade NFTs, and view all your transactions. The Taco App lets you do it all and is available on both Android and iOS.

Metaverse & Enterprise

We’re dedicated to both gaming and the broader Web3 landscape. Our portfolio of developments includes Metaverse, chain integration platforms for institutions, and an innovative certification system for a leading luxury watch retailer in Europe.

Top Down Shooting Game

We are currently developing a Shooting Game. The game is at its demo stage. We are developing it for an external partner. We cannot reveal further information due to the project being under an NDA clause.

Endless Run Game

We have developed an Endless Run Game for an external partner. The game is ready to be released in its full version. We cannot reveal further information due to the project being under an NDA clause.

Endless Shooting Game

We are developing an Endless Shooting Game for an external partner. The game is at an advanced stage of development. We cannot reveal further information due to the project being under an NDA clause.

Our Skills

Game Design & Branding

We craft seamless and entertaining games with our expertise in game design, concept, feel, core mechanics, and branding, ensuring your game reaches mainstream success.

Smart Contract

So far, we released over 100 smart contracts released on EVM, EOSIO, and Solana. We specialize in the development, testing, and implementation of smart contracts across various chains.

UX/UI Design

Elevate our games success by releasing top-notch UX/UI. We employ A/B testing and early access to beta testers to explore optimal solutions for user experiences.

Web & App Development

Home pages, app releases, authoritative servers: web & app development touches a number of key points that we deliver with the highest standards of attention and skills.

Chain Integration

We ensure smooth interaction with the chain through our native wrappers on multiple chains, providing a seamless gaming experience.


Good games without big communities don’t go far. We provide access to strong gaming user bases within Web3 to guarantee 100% successful launches.


A big community is essential for any kind of game!

Dive into discussions, connect with other members, and stay ahead by being among the first to receive the latest updates.


Partners & Clients

Core Team

We are an experienced, enthusiastic team, with strong technical skills and endless hunger for new tech trends.

Federico G.


Niccolò C.


Federica A.


Andrea B.

Lead Blockchain Developer

Valerio P.

Lead System Engineer

Matteo C.


Tomas T.

Head of DevOps

Valerio Pav.

Head of Unity Development

Gianluca C.

Lead Game Designer

Andrea C.

Head of Business Operations

Francesco F.

Lead of Texturing & Shaders

Chiara D.G.

Lead 3D Animator

Valeria S.


We make dreams real by crafting web3 games and leaving a lasting impact in the digital space.


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