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Delivering Success

As Web3 gaming pioneers, we have a successful track record of launching innovative games and apps. Our skills and creativity – both on the development and marketing side – enable us to develop proprietary products or deliver them for our clients. We prioritize hard work, experience, and market knowledge—key ingredients for crafting enjoyable and popular games.

Committed to guiding clients from concept to delivery, we position them for a significant impact in the Web3 gaming industry by creating seamless and entertaining gaming experiences for large user bases.

Our Games

Acryptia is a strategic dungeon card game, in which players have to beat the card dealer, complete floors, climb the leaderboard, and collect exclusive NFTs. The game playable both on desktop and mobile Thanks to more than 150,000 matches played per Season, Acryptia is one of the most popular games in all Web3, securing collaboration with Alien Worlds and AtomicHub.

Combz is a resource management idle game that is integrated with AI, requiring players to maximize the potential of their cosmic hive and create resources efficiently.
The goal is to gather resources, craft and purchase NFTs, and climb the Season leaderboard.

Monster Rooms

Monster Rooms is a brand new mobile show-off idle game, in which players can customize their rooms with NFTs, invade other players’ environments, tease them with naughty pranks and collect gems based on their assets & pranks to climb the leaderboard. The game is under development and will be anticipated by a PFP drop.

VR Game

Our VR Game is related to Food & Beverage. Master cooking and mixology through interactive challenges in realistic simulations, offering an engaging journey to sharpen virtual culinary skills and explore creative food and beverage possibilities. The game is at an advanced development stage.

Top Down Shooting Game

We are currently developing a Shooting Game. The game is at its demo stage. We are developing it for an external partner. We cannot reveal further information due the project being under a NDA clause.

Endless Run Game

We have developed an Endless Run Game for an external partner. The game is ready for being released in its full version. We cannot reveal further information due the project being under a NDA clause.

Endless Shooting Game

We are developing an Endless Shooting Game for an external partner. The game is at an advance stage of development. We cannot reveal further information due the project being under a NDA clause.

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Game Design & Branding

Craft seamless and entertaining games with our expertise in game design, concept, feel, core mechanics, and branding, ensuring your game reaches mainstream success.

Smart Contract

Over 100 smart contracts released on EVM, EOSIO, and Solana. We specialize in the development, testing, and implementation of smart contracts across various chains.

UX/UI Design

Elevate your game’s success by releasing top-notch UX/UI. We employ A/B testing and early access to beta testers to explore optimal solutions for user experiences.

Web & App Development

Home pages, app releases, authoritative servers: web & app development touches a number key points that we deliver with highest standard attention and skills.

Chain Integration

Ensure smooth interaction with the chain through our native wrappers on multiple chains, providing a seamless gaming experience.


Good games without big communities don’t go far. We provide access to strong gaming user bases within Web3 to guarantee 100% success launches.

A big community is essential for any kind of game!

Dive into discussions, connect with the other members, and stay ahead by being among the first to receive the latest updates.


Green, for Real

Growth should not come at the expense of future generations. Because of this we’re operating in a carbon neutral blockchain.

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Core Team

We are an experiences, enthusiastic team, with strong technical skills and endless hunger for new tech trends.

Federico G.

CEO & Fullstack Developer

Niccolò C.

Head of Communication

Federica A.

Lead Designer

Andrea B.


Valerio P.


Tomas T.

system architect

Valerio Pav.


Gianluca C.

unity 3d developer

Andrea C.

Business Developer

Francesco F.

3D artist

Chiara D.G.

3D artist

We make dreams real by crafting web3 games and leaving a lasting impact in the digital space.


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